10 Νοε 2019

Amuse - Corporate Brochure Development

The Challenge: Amuse is a Greek company involved in the organization of events. They have been growing steadily and came to Brandessence / CBX to create a corporate brochure. They wanted a brochure that would depict the company’s creativity, fresh and modern ideas and keeping up with the trends in events.

The Solution: As a first step we developed a branding strategy. Our suggestion to the client was to develop a corporate brochure that everybody would want to read. A document that would be out-of-the-box, very different from any other corporate brochure, even for a company in the events business. A brochure that would make the reader want to turn the page. A brochure that would have the excitement of a comic book, but that at the same time would effectively get across what the company does, what are its values and why should a client use their services. The orange color (amuses’ corporate color) and graphic elements visible through the printing process, were used on the cover page. The idea was that from a distance, the reader would just see a warm orange cover with something shinny in the middle. Once the reader takes the brochure in his hands he would look closer to see better the graphic elements. We tested this and indeed that was what the readers did. Their attention would be captured and hopefully the brochure wouldn’t go to the waste basket. Humor was used throughout. Simple, straight forward graphic elements were used to support the text. A photo gallery of actual projects was used in the last section, to support visually all claims made regarding the company’s credentials. In the back page of the brochure, the slogan: In entertainment we trust, and the specific graphics communicate the company’s commitment to its work and its clients, in an uplifting and straight manner.

Bronze Ermis Award 2006: Corporate Brochure Category Finalist in New York Festival 2006: Corporate Brochure Development Category