10 Νοε 2019

Amita Motion Collectible - Packaging Design

The Challenge: Amita Motion is the Νο1 juice in Greece among teenagers. It is a healthy alternative to sodas. The brand has started the “Positive Energy” above and below-the-line campaign, to promote positive thinking among youngsters and strengthen its image. The campaign has been very successful. Among other activities, the “Positive Energy” campaign, involves in the beginning of each season, a weekend of fun and exciting activities such as concerts, skate board competitions, games etc. To promote the events and commemorate the day, Amita Motion decided to produce a collectible bottle and hired Brandessence / CBX for the task.


The Solution: The Amita motion Collectible pack communicates the “Positive Energy” campaign and focuses on the event’s happenings. The events were depicted with strong graphics and vivid colors. The new collectible bottle is also being sold in stores and as per the client’s remarks it has been “flying off the shelves”.