10 Νοε 2019

Amita Ranges - Branding Architecture and Packaging Revitalization

The Challenge: Amita, the number one juice in Greece owned by Coca-Cola 3E, hired Brandessence / CBX for the development of three ranges/categories of products, to “live” within its core line of juices. The purpose of the project was to organize Amita’s offering into categories that will better describe each SKU’s benefits and thus aid in the purchasing process. The three ranges to be developed were: summer fruits, antioxidants and orange variations, i.e. enhanced with vitamin C, less acid, classic juice and nectar.


The Solution: This was a highly strategic and challenging project. Re-branding a category leader in a high volume category, is always a big challenge and a process that requires carefully thought out steps and strategic planning. A branding segmentation architecture was developed, identifying each range’s product benefits and areas of differentiation from the core Amita line, as well as the competition. A careful analysis of the packaging and design architecture resulted in identifying which design elements could change and which not, as well as which creative directions and elements could be used, for example, type of imagery, product depictions and servings, human element etc. The development of a verbal identity for each range, further aided in range differentiation amongst themselves and the core line. The new identity of the Amita ranges, clearly differentiates each range from the core line and the competition and also effectively communicates product benefits and values, by bringing forth an indulgent and “good for you” brand personality.