10 Νοε 2019

Amita - Packaging Revitalization

The Challenge: Amita juices, owned by Coca-Cola 3E is the number 1 juice brand in Greece. Amita wanted to revitalize its packaging, in order to strengthen its leadership position. Brandessence / CBX was hired to develop the new product/ packaging identity.

The Solution: Revitalizing the market leader is always a big challenge. The packaging revitalization was based on “the best juice from fresh, juicy fruit” concept and delivered strong shelf differentiation. A “3D” logo for the Amita brand was developed to communicate the juice’s liquidity. On the top of the packaging, the fruit was depicted on the tree to communicate freshness and ripeness. On the lower part of the packaging, original photography was used to show mouthwatering, juicy fruit and to build appetite appeal. On shelf the new packaging is successfully differentiated from the competition. Amita’s new large logo with the white background, the fruit on the tree and the sliced juicy fruit, compose a unique, modern and differentiated identity across the brand’s SKUs. The new packaging has been extremely well received and sales have increased since its launch. Finalist in LIA Awards 2005: Package Design Category.