10 Νοε 2019

Alpha Bank - Alpha Point - Environmental Branding

The Challenge: Alpha Bank, one of the largest banks in Greece, is dynamically expanding to the Balkans. The Romanian headquarters took the initiative to develop a new banking concept, to be tested in the Romanian market and if successful to be adapted by other countries. The new banking concept, is a banking kiosk that will offer many of the products and services offered by a comprehensive Alpha Bank branch, and will be conveniently placed in business centers, shopping centers, malls, etc. in order to enhance the bank’s presence and approachability. The big challenge was to design a unique and modern environment for the banking kiosk, without changing Alpha Bank’s corporate identity and also without adding any new branding elements. The uniqueness of the new concept had to be communicated solely by the environmental branding.


The Solution: The important brand attributes that had to be communicated in the environmental branding of the banking kiosk were identified as modernity, airiness, friendliness and visibility. Brandessence / CBX designed a modern and functional environment. All items in the banking kiosk are curved, in order to communicate friendliness and modernity. The transparency of the glass walls allows for the kiosk to be airy and open, inviting customers in. Importantly, the glass walls make the branding of the kiosk visible from all sides, overcoming thus the visibility limitations of simple store signage. The module approach is adaptable to different size kiosks. By adding desks, stands, etc., a larger area can be branded. Without changing Alpha Bank’s identity and solely by the design of the kiosk, the furniture, ATM, stands and ceiling, Alpha Bank’s new offering, Alpha Point, is modern and differentiated from the bank’s traditional branches. Due to the module approach, Alpha Point is easily and cost effectively implemented.