10 Νοε 2019

Akritas - Corporate Identity Revitalization

The Challenge: Akritas, is one of the oldest and largest wood panel manufacturers in Greece. The company has been dynamically growing and moving ahead with large investments on a new manufacturing station and the addition of new high tech machinery. Subsequently, the company was in need of a corporate identity revitalization program, to communicate the company’s vision and dynamic growth. Brandessence / CBX was awarded the project.


The Solution: A clear branding strategy was developed as a first step. The 3D cube, a recognized shape in carpentry, was utilized as the company’s symbol. A corporate house-style was developed, to “dress” all company materials and points-of-touch with consumers and customers alike. All company materials, such as print materials, trucks, paneling sample folders, etc., were designed in order to project a strong and consistent corporate image. Additionally, exhibition kiosks were designed, using the “lego” approach, i.e. movable and stackable structures, which can be easily stored and transported. Akrita’s new exhibition kiosk has received two awards due to its strong branded image and functionality, in international construction material exhibitions, in Germany and Greece.