10 Νοε 2019

Alumil - High End Products

The Challenge: Alumil, the number one aluminium systems developer in Greece and one of the top internationally, wanted to create a high end product line. This line should be highly differentiated from all other Alumil products, yet maintain the company’s corporate identity. Brandessence / CBX had developed Alumil’s corporate identity and was again retained for the branding of company’s the high end products.

The Solution: The main challenge in the development of the branding of the high end products, was the creation of a unique brand identity, which would work with and not dilute Alumil’s corporate identity. Brandessence / CBX created a new naming system for the high end brand and a differentiated logo. Finally, a house-style for the brochures housing the high end products was also created. Both, logo and house-style complement Alumil’s corporate identity and at the same time differentiate the company’s high end products effective and in order to command a premium.