10 Νοε 2019

Worldbridge - New Brand Development

The Challenge: The Christoforos Varvias company – with 800 points of sale- was the first to bring Western Union, electronic money transfers, to Greece. Besides the money transfer, the company offered insurance, calling card and other products that it had developed for the immigrant community. Unfortunately, the Varvias company was not promoting its own brand. When Western Union, struck a deal with the Greek Post Office to also offer its services, the Varvias company although still allowed to offer Western Union, was faced with fierce competition. In order to face the challenge the company had to urgently develop a strong brand.


The Solution: The purpose of the branding program was to develop a strong and differentiated brand identity for Varvias, in order to effectively compete against the Greek Post office and also to protect its own products and services. Brandessence / CBX’s methodology was diligently followed. A branding strategy was developed, naming and creative was developed and tested in consumer research. Worldbridge was the name finalist. A straightforward name that communicates what the company does. It carries the message of bringing together, “bridging” people from all over the world. The logo is also simple and minimal and ties in with the name. The brand’s house-style bring forth a modern and approachable look and projects an inviting brand identity. As part of the overall branding strategy Varvias promoted its own brand and the Western Union brand became just another offering of the newly founded Worldbridge.