10 Νοε 2019

Wines of North Greece

The Challenge: ENOABE, the organization that represents the wine makers of Northern Greece, wanted to create a strong brand image that communicates dynamism and growth. The organization’s goal was to attract new members, represent the rights of producers to governmental organizations, and eventually promote the wines of Greece’s northern region, domestically and internationally.


The Solution: Brandessence / CBX, developed a comprehensive branding strategy. The first step was to develop a brand name that is meaningful and easily understood. The Greek acronym ENOABE, which in English stands for “Wine Producers Association of The Northern Greece Vineyard”, carries no communication power and is difficult to pronounce and remember. Building a brand based on a simple, straightforward and communicative name was Brandessence / CBX’s proposition. Alternative names were developed and the name “Wines of North Greece” was selected as the name finalist. The new brand’s logo leverages a star or compass, which connotes the geographical region, the organization covers, and also guidance, excellence and creativity. The shades of green used in the logo, represent the greenness of the area and the leaves of the vineyards. Furthermore, a corporate house-style was designed based on the logo, and utilized in the organization’s applications, such as website, business cards, promotional events etc. The final result was a real and meaningful brand, which represents the wine producers of North Greece around the world.