10 Νοε 2019

Wellaby’s - New Brand Development

The Challenge: Unismack, a leading Greek, gluten free, snack producer, focusing on international exports, was in the process of developing a new corporate brand. The Unismack brand and its identity ware deemed unsuitable for the product category. Brandessence / CBX was retained for the task.

The Solution: The Wellaby’s was the selected name for the brand as it suits affectively the international gluten free product category and the same time communicates warmth and goodness. The Wellaby’s family of products brings to consumers, high quality, tasty products that are good for you. Based on the brand proposition, the corporate tagline: “Living Well. Tasting Great”, was also developed to communicate the brand’s benefits and accompany the corporate logo, always and everywhere. The visual identity developed for the brand was focused on the goodness and approachability attributes. Based on those two attributes, all identity elements from logo to house-style and identity applications were designed. The new brand, both visually and verbally, brings forth a warm and friendly brand character and an image, highly differentiated from the international competition’s more “clinical” approach.