10 Νοε 2019

Wellaby’s - New Brand Development

The Challenge: Following the creation of the new corporate brand and identity, Wellaby’s; Unismack was in need of creating a unique and consistent identity for all its products. Brandessence / CBX, was assigned the task of designing the packaging identities of the company’s Crackers, Mini Crackers and Cheese Ups, along with the product’s supporting product brochures.


The Solution: Based on the branding strategy, the attributes of goodness, friendly and fun, were identified as the most important attributes comprising the product’s personalities. The creative worked aimed at communicating effectively the above attributes on pack. While the identities of the Crackers and the Mini Crackers were similar, the identity of the Cheese Ups was differentiated and focused more on the fun attribute. Realistic product and ingredient photography was used to communicate taste appeal. The new corporate Wellaby’s identity was prominently placed on the top of the pack, in order to create a family look and ease brand identification, while color coding was utilized for SKU differentiation. The result is a modern, unique and on strategy, packaging personality and product brand identity.