10 Νοε 2019

Vero Cretan - New Brand Development

The Challenge: The Cretan Mills, the largest animal feed producer in Crete acquired Kriaras, a well known dairy product producer. The name Kriaras is a family name that the Cretan Mills could not own. The need to create a new brand in order to make a return on their investment was urgent. The new brand should communicate the product line’s point of difference: high quality products from Crete, produced with the highest standards and by controlling the entire production process from animal feed to final product. The Cretan Mills selected Brandessence / CBX to develop the new brand.

The Solution: The branding strategy focused on the communication of the attribute of authenticity. The name Vero Cretan was selected to communicate authenticity and Cretan products. The Italian word “vero” is widely used in the Greek language instead of the word authentic. Also, the use of the adjective “vero” helped overcome legal issues when trade marking the name of a geographic location. The slogan “Unique tastes from Crete!” was developed to further the brand’s communication. The packaging is modern and clean. The use of the face of a traditional Cretan man as the main branding element enforced the brand name’s communication and assisted in the creation of a unique brand story. A pattern based on the shape of unique Cretan sprouts was developed in order to “dress up” the packaging and also communicate the brand’s unique high quality products. The overall identity of the new brand differentiates it effectively on shelf, by being modern yet authentic. Both name and packaging alternatives were researched to conclude to the final solutions. Mission accomplished! “We are extremely satisfied with the branding of our new product line. Both the name and the packaging stand out. The second month of launching the new brand, sales of the Vero Cretan coat’s milk surpassed 100 tones on a monthly basis. We have received extremely positive market response!” said H. Delidimitris Managing Director of Cretan Mills.