10 Νοε 2019

Thessaloniki City Branding

You can download the final Thessaloniki’s tagline presentation: Thessaloniki City – Tagline.pdf You can download the final Thessaloniki’s branding presentation: Thessaloniki City – Branding.pdf On Monday February 20th, 2012, Thessaloniki presented its new brand identity. The branding program was initiated by the Tourist office of Thessaloniki, whose president is the Mayor, Yiannis Boutaris. The goal of the branding program was the creation of a strong and differentiated brand identity, that will significantly aid in the recognition of Thessaloniki as a unique destination, attracting visitors and expanding the area’s economy.


The new Thessaloniki brand The project started by developing a comprehensive branding strategy. The 3 most important values for the new Thessaloniki brand are: great living – the unique hospitality, entertainment and fine dining it offers, its unique location – on the water across Mt. Olympus and most importantly, the unique characteristic of Thessaloniki, as a center of civilizations. The new brand is based on the slogan “many stories, one heart”, which communicates Thessaloniki’s multiculturalism and heritage. Thessaloniki, has many and unique stories and experiences to share with the world. Today, Thessaloniki is united. Has one vision and one heart, for its people and its visitors. The development of the branding strategy, the brand story and the slogan which characterizes the new Thessaloniki brand was developed by Brandessence/CBX in collaboration with the company’s naming director Martyn Tipping. The logo and its applications were developed by Colibri. The logo of the new Thessaloniki brand is a heart, constructed by a mosaic which symbolizes the past, its heritage but hope and vision for the future.