10 Νοε 2019

Pusula / ElectroWorld Turkey - New Service Brand

The Challenge: ElectroWorld Turkey, which belongs to Dixons Retail Plc, wanted to develop a new brand for the services the company provides, for technical and technological support. A new and effective brand and a strong identity were required in order to build differentiation, preference and drive sales.


The Solution: The ElectroWorld and Brandessence/CBX teams worked closely following a comprehensive branding program for the new brand development. All creative steps were based on a clear branding strategy and were taken into consumer research, in order to include the consumer perspective in the final decisions for both name and logo. Utilizing Brandessence/CBX’s Brand TriangleTM, the new brand’s most critical values (Unique / Differentiated, Reliable and Approachable / Friendly) drove all creative efforts. The brand name Pusula, which means compass, was selected as it communicates the road to technical and technological support. The blue-yellow compass logo similarly communicates the brand’s support and works effectively in the ElectroWorld stores. The environmental branding offers a strongly Pusula branded corner, that is functional and differentiated into the ElectroWorld Stores.