10 Νοε 2019

Proderm Kids - Packaging Revitalization

The Challenge: Sara Lee the owner of the brand Proderm, shampoos and shower jells for children, commissioned Brandessence / CBX for the re-branding of its line catering to children above 3 years old. Proderm is one of the leading brands for infants and babies, in its category in Greece. However, the company’s line extension to children was not living up to its full potential. Sara Lee believed that a comprehensive re-branding of Proderm Kids, would allow the brand to command a larger market share against the competition.


The Solution: As a first step in the re-branding program, the branding strategy for the Kids line extension was developed, identifying the most effective way to utilize the Proderm legacy and uncovering the necessary steps required, for building a meaningful brand personality for the kids line extension. At the same time the effective differentiation of the kids extension from the core line and the competition, was a primary objective. Logo and packaging design were developed simultaneously. In order to aid purchasing by mothers, an easy to read and understand verbal identity was developed. Furthermore, a fun personality was created for the entire line, preserving at the same time quality and reliability communication cues. In addition to the re-branding of the Proderm Kids core line, Sara Lee, entered a licensing agreement with Disney and new packaging was developed using Disney characters for girls’ and boys’ products. Shortly after its launch, the re-branded Proderm Kids line showed dynamism and started gaining significant market share.