10 Νοε 2019

Petzetakis - Corporate Identity Revitalization

The Challenge: Petzetakis, an international Greek company, specializing in the manufacturing of hoses and tubes, is in the process of restricting and re-organization. Part of this process is the revitalization of the company’s corporate identity and the development of a strong and consistent brand image. Brandessence / CBX, was assigned the task.

The Solution: For the development of a strong and consistent corporate identity across all point of touch and comprehensive brand identity development project was launched. The program entailed: corporate logo revitalization, corporate house-style development, brochure design architecture development and brochure design, packaging design and environmental, exhibit kiosk, branding. Along with the Petzetakis corporate identity revitalization, a new brand, the brand “We Care”, was created to communicate Petzetakis’ commitment to developing environmentally friendly products and techniques. Additionally, a celebratory 50 years logo was designed to connote the brand’s history. The current Petzetakis name and logo carry strong equity nationally and internationally. The current logo was revitalized carefully and a 3D dimension was added to it, in order to give depth to the logo and to help it stand out. A corporate house-style, based on the graphic depiction of a tube, was designed and applied on all identity materials. The Petzetakis brochures, the company’s primary selling tools, follow a clear identity system, organized through a design architecture, allowing thus for easy category and product benefit communication. Product packaging follows a similar organizational logic, in addition to color coding for easy SKU differentiation on shelf. Through the corporate identity revitalization program, the Petzetakis brand acquired a consistent and uniform look for all its materials and across all points-of-touch with customers and consumers alike. Furthermore, the brand’s image was strengthened through a corporate identity which communicates telegraphically the brand’s vision and dynamism.