10 Νοε 2019

OTEAcademy - New Brand Development

The Challenge: OTE, the Greek national telephone carrier, created a professional training company that would offer telecom relevant training but also marketing and management studies. The new company will offer services not only to OTE companies but also to all types of professional organizations. A new brand, both name and identity, was needed for the new company.

The Solution: The new brand’s core attributes were identified. Naming was developed based on these attributes and following the determination of the branding linkage of the new brand to the OTE brand . A dominant branding architecture was selected. The name OTEAcademy was the name finalist as it communicated education, quality and stature. The brand’s identity is simple and minimal focusing on three arrows that point to the center of things. The center of the world: the person and the center of education. The comprehensive identity for the new brand communicates stature and quality and focus on “for life learning”.