10 Νοε 2019

Megatek Albania - New Brand Development

The Challenge: Megatek is the largest “Do It Yourself” retailer in Albania. The company plans to expand its reach to neighboring countries in the Balkans. The Megatek client hired Brandessence / CBX for the development of a comprehensive identity to be applied on the company’s stores, products and all of its commu-nication.

The Solution: A corporate and retail identity was developed by capitalizing on the company’s name. Colors were carefully selected in order to be impactful and to differentiate the new brand from the competition. The store signage was designed for maximum visibility from the highway. Identity applications were designed for all “points-of-touch and included all items sold in the Megatek store. A modern, fresh and unique identity was created for the Megatek brand. “Megatek, recognizes the importance of creating a strong brand in the DYI category. Our plans are to expand to new markets as soon as possible. We are extremely satisfied from our collaboration with Brandessence / CBX on the extremely critical project of the development of our identity. The challenge was big and they delivered high quality work” said D. Amentas, Company Director for Megatek.