10 Νοε 2019

Lanes - Branding Architecture and Packaging Revitalization

The Challenge: Lanes owned by Sarantis, is the market leader in vitamins and food supplements in Greece. Lanes SKUs were inconsistent. The client requested from Brandessence / CBX a branding architecture to organize its product portfolio and complete packaging revitalization to strengthen further the brand.


The Solution: Branding Architecture As a first step Brandessence / CBX developed a Branding Architecture and segmentation which organized the products in categories according to product benefits. Naming was developed for the 3 categories and the names ProActif, ProBeauty, ProHealth were selected following consumer research. Each category is also differentiated by color coding. The SKUs, Quiet Life and Herbalene were maintained as they carried a lot of equity and consumer loyalty Sub-brand were developed based on age: Jr, Teens and 50+. Packaging Design The logo remained the same in order not to loose the awareness of the brand. Two joined circles – the circles of life were developed and became the core branding element. The circles symbolize completion and harmony, important attributes for the vitamin and supplement category. The result is a strong and modern product identity.