10 Νοε 2019

Kotsovolos Support 360 - New Service Brand

The Challenge: Kotsovolos, the number 1 electronics chain in Greece, owned by the British Dixon’s, wanted to develop a new service brand. The new service offering will be available also to non-Kostovolos clients. The new brand therefore should not be similar to the Kotsovolos brand. The new brand’s goal was to differentiate Kotsovolos from both local and international competition and further establish its leadership position.

The Solution: A tight and systematic branding program was followed. The Kotsovolos and Brandessence/CBX teams worked very closely for approximately 5 months to complete the project. All creative steps were based on a sound branding strategy and taken to consumer research, in order to include the consumer perspective in the final decisions for both name and logo. Utilizing Brandessence/CBX’s Brand Triangle TM, the new brand’s most critical values drove all creative efforts. The brand name Support 360 was selected as it clearly communicates the primary benefit of the brand: comprehensive service support like Greece has never experienced before. The circle logo, similarly communicates the brand’s total support offering. An important part of the overall brand identity was the logo colors, as they must differentiate the brand in the Kotsovolos stores, be visible and at the same work synergistically with the current Kotsovolos store branding. The corporate slogan: Your life made easy, strongly positions the new brand against the competition, as the true and only problem solver that can offer peace of mind! The environmental branding offers a strongly Support 360 branded environment, that is functional and strongly differentiated. As our client said: “A well done job that has brought immediate results”.