10 Νοε 2019

Igloo Creations - New Brand Development

The Challenge: Evga, one of the leading dairy and ice cream brands purchased the Igloo retail ice cream brand. The brand was in need of complete repositioning. The business goal was to reposition the Igloo brand as a high-end offering to restaurants, cafes and hotels.

The Solution: Brandessence / CBX developed the branding strategy and defined the brands core attributes. It was decided to develop a suffix which would work synergistically with the name Igloo. The name finalist was Igloo Creations. The name communicates effectively the ice cream category and the premiumness and uniqueness of the offering. Igloo Creations ice creams are prepared from the finest ingredients and offer unique flavors and flavor combinations. The logo was developed by utilizing the name’s acronyms I and C which are also the initials of the words ice cream category. An elegant and “creamy” logo was selected because it communicates the product’s attributes and elegance. Critical to the business to business environment is the development of a unique sales organizer. The purpose of this project was to move away from traditional means of communicating in the business environment and create a sales organizer with end-user appeal. We focused on the attributes that would drive a restaurant and café customer to order the product: premium ness, indulgence and appetite appeal. Price driven sales are the norm in the category and the Greek market. The client reported that many customers ordered the product without asking first for the price, indicating that the brand image communicated in the brochure was quite strong.