10 Νοε 2019

Hellenic Foreign Trade Board - Greek Foods, Greek Wines & Spirits

The Challenge: The Hellenic Foreign Trade Board and the Greek Ministry of Finance and Development have in the recent years invested heavily in promoting the export of Greek goods, especially foods and spirits. In order to strengthen Greek exports an umbrella brand would have to be developed. The new brand would live in exhibitions, events, seminars, tastings etc. In addition and whenever possible, this brand would live in retail environments (e.g. super markets) abroad that will “house” Greek products.

The Solution: Brandessence / CBX suggested the development of a slogan. A slogan would allow for comprehensive and meaningful communication. The idea was to develop one rather than two, slogans for both the foods and the wines & spirits, in order to build quickly awareness and a strong image. Yet, the slogan should be also specific to the foods and wines & spirits respectfully. Seven (7) alternative slogan propositions were taken into research in the US, UK and Germany. The slogan finalists: Foods from Greece: Real Taste, Great Living, GR Living; and Wines & Spirits from Greece: Real flavor, Great Living. GR Living, were perceived as differentiated and appropriate for Greek products. The slogan developed for Greek foods and wines & spirits, is rich in meaning and in accord with the images and messages global citizens have in their minds and hearts, when thinking of Greece and Greek products. Greek foods are perceived as being authentic and having full, real taste. Greek wines have a real, differentiated flavor and are made from unique grape varieties found only in Greece. Greek spirits (ouzo and masticha) are globally known for their uniqueness and different flavor. Greece as a country is perceived as fun and exciting. A country whose people are passionate about life, celebration and who know how to live well. Thus, the second part of the slogan Great Living – GR Living, emphasizes Greek living. Greek living is Great Living! The logo developed is simple and friendly, and has the colors of the Greek flag. The capital letters in GReat give emphasis to the country of origin. GR is the global acronym for Greece. The letter “n” in the word living has the shape of a heart and is emphasized in the logo animation in order to communicate graphically passion and love. The house-style developed for the brand is simple and minimal. It is derived from the Olympic circles. The logo of the Olympic Games is globally known and carries a strong and positive image. A video was developed to present the new brand and to promote the Greek Foods and Wines & Spirits.