10 Νοε 2019

Finetti Chocolates - New Brand Development

The Challenge: Finneti the well-known children’s creamed chocolate brand in Romania and Bulgaria, wanted to expand to the chocolate tablets adult market. A new product identity was required to built awareness, communicate the product benefits and importantly build differentiation on shelf. The tablet chocolate market especially in Romania is extremely competitive. Large shelves in super markets showcase many offerings and multiple flavors from local and international competitors. 

The Solution: The competition was carefully audited and the new brand’s core concept was identified as “affordable luxury”. Based on this concept extra premium design alternatives were developed. Extensive research was conducted to select the final packaging identity of the new offering. The packaging finalist utilized the use of a satin cloth and appetizing pieces of chocolate to communicate luxuriousness and appetite appeal. At the same time, this unique to the category graphic element, successfully differentiates the brand on the crowded super market shelves.