10 Νοε 2019

Exohi - New Brand Development

The Challenge: Tiras Dairy wanted to develop a new milk brand for the Greek market. Currently in Greece there are two giants diary brands, Delta and Fage. Tiras Dairy with the Olymbos brand has managed to become successfully the third player. In the last 4 years the Olymbos brand is constantly gaining market share and enjoys a strong, high quality image. The new brand Tiras wanted to develop would be lower priced than any of the 3 top players, but still high quality. Eventually, the new milk brand would expand to other dairy products such as yoghurts and cheeses.

The Solution: The new brand’s core values were identified as natural, Greek and premium. Natural, in order to capture the Greek consumer trend to prefer country side products, from smaller companies. Greek, in order to leverage the Greek consumer’s trend to prefer Greek products. Premium, in order to ensure that the lower price does not mean lower quality. The name Exohi (countryside) communicates the brand’s “goodness” as understood by consumers who prefer more natural, Greek products from smaller companies. The packaging is clean and simple. It focuses on the brand logo and a clear and appetizing image of the product itself. On the side panel an illustration of a bear was applied to communicate the brand’s origin from the food of mount Olymbos where bears live. Current the Exohi brand has great potential of becoming the 4th player in the milk category, without any other communication than the packaging itself.