10 Νοε 2019

EUROMAX Albania - Corporate Identity Re-branding and Environmental Branding

The Challenge: Euromax, a leading super market chain in Albania, belongs to the Belgian Delhaize group of companies. The company has been growing and plans to expand further. The Euromax current branding was inconsistent. It varied dramatically from store to store and also in terms of external and internal branding. The external signage was often not visible to passing customers. Various colour combinations and typefaces were used on different signs and some were even handwritten. Specialty departments such as the bakery, delicatessen, fish and meat products etc. and also promotions, were not clearly branded. With international competition moving into the Albanian marketplace, Euromax had the urgent need to revitalize its image and increase its market share.


The Solution: A comprehensive re-branding strategy was developed in order to address all issues at hand. The existing logo was carefully revitalized to become three dimensional and gain a modern look. A new corporate house-style was also developed and implemented for the consistent re-branding of the stores. The house-style developed was based on the symbol of the lion and “chain” graphics, building thus further brand recognition and linking the store branding to the company’s Private Label products, which also utilize the lion. The new stores are clearly branded internally and externally, using colors that represent the brand, and importantly differentiate it from the competition. A pleasant shopping experience is created by effectively branding all store sections and by utilizing a unique and friendly photographic style for product categories. The implementation of the new Euromax brand identity and store branding has the potential to connect all Delhaize group brands across the region and build a leading international brand.