10 Νοε 2019

Coca Cola 3E - Corporate Social Responsibility Branding Program

The Challenge: Coca-Cola 3E, the Coca-Cola company in Greece, is dedicated in promoting and implementing variant Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. The company wanted to improve internal and external audience awareness of its CSR actions.


The Solution: Brandessence / CBX suggested the development of a new brand to trademark and effectively communicate the company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility programs. The new brand is based on a slogan “Working together for a better future”. The specific slogan was perceived as the most appropriate by relevant target audiences in research. “Working together for a better future” is inspiring and serious and effectively communicates the company’s commitment. A logo was developed based on the three epsilons of the company’s corporate name and logo. The three epsilons form a flower, a symbol of happiness and giving. Coca-Cola’s red and black colors are used. Different colors are applied to each one of the 4 categories in which the company is active. Green for the environment, mauve for the market, blue for the workplace and orange for the community. Finally, it was mandatory that the new logo would be locked with the company’s current corporate logo.