10 Νοε 2019

Centric - Corporate Identity Revitalization

The Challenge: Despec Multimedia Systems, a market leader in the multimedia sector, wanted to change its name. The name and identity change aimed at the autonomous presence of the multimedia company within the Despec Group and the company’s development of direct, independent relations with the financial community.

The Solution: As a first step in identifying the most effective branding for the company, Brandessence / CBX studied the multimedia environment and its characteristics as well as the target audience’s psychographics and way of life. A brand strategy defining the new brand’s core attributes was developed. The new corporate identity reflects the company’s values. The company has been renamed from Despec Multimedia to Centric Multimedia. The new name has a Greek root – center – and an international meaning. Centric is the Greek company with international partners, international products and international standards in client service. Centric is focused on its targets and has clear goals – to be in the center of the market, the center of new developments, the center of entertainment. The company’s logo leverages the letter C of the company’s name. The symbol – C –is also the symbol of the target and the center of things. The new corporate identity is not simply a logo but the symbol of the vision and the clear goals of the company.