10 Νοε 2019

Avra Active - Packaging Revitalization

The Challenge: Coca-Cola HBC as the owner of the water brand AVRA, commissioned Brandessence / CBX for the re – branding of AVRA active. AVRA active is one of the leading brands in bottled waters target young and active audiences. The scope of the branding program was to explore new branding directions in order to further strengthen the brand’s image and relevance.

The Solution: An audit of the bottled water category was conducted as a first step. The bottled water category shared little differentiation. The general positioning was the category description. The new packaging solution was based on health oriented; active consumers that they consume bottled water everyday, all day instead of a juice drink. The name active was a part of the solution that communicates the “active approach” of being active in your life and energetic.