10 Νοε 2019

Assos International - Special Edition Packaging Development

The Challenge: Assos International, a well known cigarette brand owned by Papastratos/Philip Morris is a regular sponsor of a popular film festival in Greece. To celebrate the occasion the client requested special edition packs in 2 SKUs, Filter/Full Flavor and Gold/Lights (the descriptors Filter and Gold are currently being used on the regular packs).


The Solution: Brandessence / CBX developed 6 creative concepts addressing the movie theme. One creative direction was selected and further developed. The packaging design was based on slides depicting items that are clearly related to movies albeit in a nostalgic manner. Although color coding has been used to differentiate the two SKUs the overall feeling, as found also by research, connotes Black & White movies (Film Noir), a genre favored by the brand’s target audience. The brand’s pentagonal flag/logo was used in the negative to maintain a clean and premium look. On the bottom of the pack the regular logo was used, in order to ease purchase and help the kiosk manager pick the correct brand and SKU (cigarettes are sold in kiosks in Greece).